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Jesper Hjort D. Petersen

Research Project Staff

Jesper Hjort D. Petersen
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Seed quality, seed sorting and crop scan

I have worked with science related field work for more than 20 years. Today my primary focus has moved from ordinary trial field work to more specific scientific work within seed quality, seed sorting, greenhouse work and crop scan.

Crop scan (reflectance measurement) gives information about the crop's bio mass and nitrogen status. Therefore it is a vital tool in field work, where you want to follow a crop's growth and the effect of various treatments in the crop. The aim is to be able to influence the crop's growth and development and through that increase the yield. This demands many good results, and thus the crop scan is carried out several times during the growth season and over a period of years.


  • Crop scan
  • Trial clean-up
  • Seed size scaling
  • seed weight
  • Spraying of trials

Keywords: Cleaning out of trials, data processing, greenhouse work, counting fertile shoots


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