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Jens Søndergaard

Ph.D., Senior Advisor

Jens Søndergaard
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Key qualifications

I study the cycling of trace metals in the Arctic, especially mining pollutants and long-transported pollutants such as mercury. My research area lies in the interface between environmental chemistry, geochemistry, analytical chemistry and biology.

I have a background in Geography/Geology (M.Sc) and Chemistry (B.Sc) from University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Copenhagen/University of Svalbard in 2009.

Since 2009, I have worked as a Research Scientist, Senior Advisor and later Senior Researcher for Aarhus University (AU), Department of Bioscience and Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE).

My main job tasks at AU/DCE are environmental research and monitoring in relation to mining activities in Greenland and advisory of the Greenland authorities on environmental issues related to mining.

I am also responsible for the department’s accredited environmental trace metal laboratory with special expertise in ICP-MS analyses of biota, sediment, fresh- and seawater. 

The main research topics I have been involved with are:

  • Cycling of metal pollutants in the arctic, including mobilization, dispersion and bioaccumulation
  • Processes and controls for release of metal pollutants from mine waste
  • Methods to trace mobility and fate of mining-related pollutants in the environment
  • Speciation of mining-related metals and new analytical techniques to measure it

I have many years of experience with fieldwork in rough conditions and have conducted fieldwork in the Arctic since 2001.

Latest activities and conferences

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