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Jens Seeberg

  1. Antimicrobial resistance across biotic socialities

    Seeberg, J., Overstreet, K., Vaarst, M. & Brüggemann, H.


    Project: Research

  2. EPICENTER: Center for Cultural Epidemics

    Seeberg, J., Meinert, L., Tørring, M. L., Nielsen, B., Folmann, B., Suhr, C. & Grøn, L.



    Project: Research

  3. Nepal on the Move: Nepal on the Move: Conflict, migration and stability

    Seeberg, J., Valentin, K., Warner, C. D., Agergaard, J., Banskota, M., Sharma, S., Subba, T. & Ranjan, G.

    Forskningsfagligt Udvalg (FFU), Danida


    Project: Research

  4. HSRE: Health System Reform and Ethics: Private Practitioners in Poor Urban Neighbourhoods in India, Indonesia and Thailand

    Seeberg, J., Pandav, C. S., Barua, N., Pannarunothai, S., Sornngai, A., Sastrowijoto, S. & Padmawati, R. S.

    Forskningsfagligt Udvalg


    Project: Research

  5. Health Systems Reform and Ethics: The 27 May Earthquake in Central Java and its aftermath

    Seeberg, J., Padmawati, R. S., Sastrawijoto, S. & Trisnantoro, L.


    Project: Research