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Jens Malmkvist

Senior Researcher

Jens Malmkvist
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Animal behaviour, stress and welfare, 
I have a special interest in:
- Behavioural development and function

-The interplay beween curisosity, fear and stress

-Parturition-induced stress, maternal-offspring interactions as factors influencing (1) early young vitality/survival, and (2) later offspring behaviour
- Abnormal behaviour, such as stereotypic behaviour and fur-chewing

-Studies and solutions for increased welfare for animals under human care
I have worked mainly (but not exclusively) with farm mink, pigs and horses. I like to collaborate with other people when possible. 

I have done teaching at all university levels, including at several international PhD courses.

Supervisor of PhD and other students in biology, veterinary and life sciences. I organise the PhD course (5 ECTS), Interpretation of animal stress responses, held regularly since 2009.

Science-based consultancy

This includes written reports in relation to questions/tasks given by the national parliament of Denmark and EU, and comments to drafts for the keeping of domestic animals. 

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