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Janne Flora

PhD, Associate Professor

Janne Flora

Research areas


My research interests lie in Greenland, and span across a range of different concerns such as kinship, loneliness, suicide, and personhood, to climate change, hunting, the making and utilization of resources. 

My first monograph “Wandering Spirits: Loneliness and longing in Greenland” (Chicago) was published in 2019. It explores how longing and loneliness is expressed in everyday practices of human relatedness in Greenland. I have also co-authored articles and reports, related especially to my interdisciplinary and collaborative work with natural scientists, GIS and hunters in Northwest as well as East Greenland. 

I am currently grant holder of two research projects: “Muskox Pathways: Resources and Ecologies in Greenland” funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research; and "Hunting Life: Explorations of Biosociality in Greenland" funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.

"Muskox Pathways" involves anthropologists and archaeologists from the universities of Aalborg and Copenhagen as well as stakeholders in Greenland, explores the sporadic, but nonetheless deep, entanglements between natural environments and social forms that come into being through the muskox. The project is expected to complete in August 2023. Read more about Muskox Pathways here: https://projects.au.dk/muskoxpathways/

"Hunting Life" explores hunting in Greenland as a biosocial category and by focusing on the deep-seeded entanglements of human-animal worlds expressed in hunting, and how hunting is affected by (and affects) changes such as pollution, (un-)regulated hunting, fisheries, resource extraction, and sea ice. The three-year project commences in September 2022, and involves the PhD students: Marie Evaldsen Christensen and Sigrid Wibe Nielsen. Project website is underway. In the meantime you can read more HERE


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