Jane Ege Møller

Associate professor


Jane Ege Møller, MA, PhD, is assistant professor at Centre for Health Science Education, Aarhus University, Denmark. Dr. Møller has a background in literature, communication and philosophy and for more than a decade, she has devoted her career to working with humanistic aspects of the field of health and medical education. She thus has a substantial teaching and research experience in this field. In 2007, she was appointed professional course manager for the post-graduate medical communication skills training in the Region of Mid-Jutland, Denmark, a position she still holds. In 2012, Dr. Møller was invited to join tEACH, Courses and Support for Trainers Group and through developing courses for medical educators in all parts of the world, she thus takes part in the international endeavor to heightening clinical communication skills training globally. In 2014, she completed her PhD dissertation Cultural Side-effects of Health Promotion and Prevention Practice. A study of The Health Centre in Brønderslev Municipality at the Department of Philosophy, Aarhus University. In her PhD, she lay the ground for a philosophical-empirical methodology as the bases for qualitative research - an approach that is the foundation of all her research activities. Her striving ambition is to contribute to new understandings of how words work in the health area, as well as gaining insights that may answer the question of how humanistic health disciplines, such as communication skills, narrativity and clinical ethics, play the most relevant and enriching part in health science education.