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Jan Ifversen


Curriculum Vitae


Date of Birth: 19th of November 1955, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nationality: Danish and French




Nrd. Ringgade 1

DK-8000 Aarhus N

Phone + 45 89 42 64 64 Fax: + 45 89 42 64 63

Direct Phone:  + 45 89 42 64 92

E-mail: kultji@hum.au.dk

Personal web: http://person.au.dk/da/kultji@hum


!984 Master [cand.mag.] in History (major) and French

1997 PhD in Cultural Analysis. Dissertation: Om magt, demokrati og diskurs - diskuteret i lyset af den franske revolution.Bd.I-II.[On Power, Democracy and Discourse - in the Light of the French Revolution]. Begrebshistoriske Studier nr.2. Center for Kulturforskning, Aarhus University 1997. 673s.


1984-1985 High School Teacher, Silkeborg Gymnasium

1986-1987 Teaching assistant, Dept. of History, dept. of Political Science, Aarhus University

1987-1989 PhD Student, Dept. of History, Aarhus University

1990-1995 TA and external lecture, Dept. of History, Aarhus University; dept. of History, Odense University, dept. of History and International Studies, Aalborg University

1995-1997 Lecturer in European Studies, European Studies and Dept. of Slavonic Studies, Aarhus University

1995-1996 Scientific coordinator for Danish Network on Conceptual History

1997- 2000 Assistant professor in European Studies, Centre for European Cultural Studies, Aarhus University

1999-2003 Director of studies, Centre for European Cultural Studies, Aarhus University

2000- Associate professor, Centre for European Cultural Studies, Aarhus University

2004- Head of Institute of History and Area Studies


Member of the steering committee of the Nordic Conferences in Historical Methodology, 1991-1992

Coordinator of the Nordic Study Group, Nordic Summer University, 1994-1995

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Den Jyske Historiker, 1986-1997

Member of the Danish Centre for Discourse Analysis, University of Roskilde, 1997-

Member of the Steering Committee of the European History of Concepts Group, 1998-

Director of the Research Group, Cultural Encounters and communities (funded by the Danish Research Council for the humanities and the social sciences), 2000-2003

Member of the Faculty Board for the Humanities, Aarhus University, 2001-2004

Member of the board of The International Association of European Studies, 2001-2003

External examiner in political science, 2000-


Scholarship of the French Government, Sept. 1983-March 1984

PhD fellowship, Aarhus University, 1987-1989

The Danish Research Council for the Humanities: Network in Conceptual history , 1994-1995 (750.000 Kr.)

The Danish Research Council for the Humanities and the Social Sciences:  Cultural Encounters and communities, 2000-2003 (2.900.000 Kr.)

EU-China European Studies Centres Programme 2006-2007: (€200.000)

Joint Committee for Nordic research Councils for the Humanities and Social Sciences: Explorative Workshop, 2007-2008 (€16.500)