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Jamie Wallace

PhD MA BA BSc, Associate Professor


2012 Pedagogical training course for assistant professors Aarhus University

2010 PhD  Aarhus University

Different Matters of Invention: Design Work as the Transformation of Dissimilar Artefacts
Study of the interdisciplinary use of material artefacts, prototyping and technologies in professional design activity.


The Norwich School of Art and Design, UK
Master of Art (MA) in Fine Art                                                                                                                          


The University of Sunderland, UK
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art and Design                                                                                                            


The University of Surrey, UK
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering                                                                                      


Professional experience

2015 External Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Management DTU Technical University of Denmark

The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Theoretical and empirical research into design, technology and workplace practice.


CPH Design A/S , Denmark
Project Manager / Design Engineer
Design management and design work from client contact, concept generation and development through to pre production of products.


Herbert Engineering Ltd., UK
Design Engineer
Design and development of process equipment for the food industry.


The Sunderland Art Studio, UK (part time)
Art Therapy Worker       
Art therapy with psychiatric patients.


Komatsu UK Ltd., UK
Design Engineer 
Design and development of earth moving machinery


CJR Fyson Ltd., UK
Design and Development Engineer
Design of conveyor Systems


Huwood Ltd., UK
Development Engineer
Design of coal mining equipment


Engineering Student (part time during university education)
Industrial work experience


Selected Group Exhbitions of art works

1999: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK                               

1997: Norwich Gallery, UK

1997: Norfolk and Norwich Visual Arts Festival, UK                       

1996: Contact Gallery, Norwich, UK

1996: Clayton Gallery, Newcastle, UK                                   

1995: Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, NCCA, Sunderland UK                                                                

SOLO Exhbitions of art works

2008: Galleri Nordlys, DK

2007: Farum Kulturhus, DK         

2006: Designer Zoo, DK     

1999: Sypka Gallery, Residency and Exhibition, Czech Republic 


Book illustrations

1996: Gunnar Martin Nielsen (1999), Lille myg Møk, Hernov, Copenhagen
Illustration of insects and animals for children’s book                                                                                       

Experimental performance

2007: AMPLIFIED: a collage of magnified sound, movement and drawing
Copenhagen International Experimental music Festival CIEF 11                                                                      

Industrial patents

2006: Apparatus for loading and unloading a cargo compartment of an aircraft
United States Patent 7,077,615                                                                                                                         

2005: A set of elements for handling construction boards, such as plaster boards
Patent No. 05388083.7 / EP20050388083