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Jakob Rosendal
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The main focus of my current research is on images of children – both art history's child images and the child as a motif in a broader visual culture –  and on the understandings or ideological usages of and fantasies about the figure of the child that are at work when children are portrayed in images.

My ongoing postdoc project examines Western girl images from the late 18th century to the present day and the role that the gaze of the girl within these images. The project is based on contemporary and prominent girl figures, the global icon Greta Thunberg and the girl Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) from the popular online series Stranger Things. These two sets of girl pictures are connected to certain repeated popular girl images from the last 250 years in order to pursue the hypothesis that the repetition of girl pictures not only shows something about the girl's changed status throughout history but also reveal a culturally unconscious in relation to the girl. This research will lay the foundation for an explorative and processual exhibition and mapping of the museum KØN's archive of girl images.

From previous research projects, I have a continued interest in children's drawings, especially in relation to questions about meaning formation, gender, transgender, and sexuality, and in everyday visual culture and its ideologically charged images and overlooked signs.

Theoretically and methodologically, I am particularly interested in semiology/semiotics and psychoanalysis as well as feminism and queer theory and the critical potentials of these theories and fields for image analysis and art history.

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