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Jakob Gaardbo Nielsen

PhD fellow, PhD Student

Jakob Gaardbo Nielsen


I am a PhD Fellow enrolled (4+4 scheme) at Aarhus University (Graduate School, Arts) with the project Dirty Money and Indifferent Writing: A Comparative History of Finance in English and French Literature, 1797-1895. With this project I aim to give a more critical historical foundation to the widespread aversion to 'high finance', palpable in recent blockbusters such as The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, by analyzing, from a comparative perspective, how this aversion grew in tandem with the rise of modern financial institutions, widespread financial crime, into an array of critical discourses ranging from newspaper satires, pamphlets, financial journalism, and, most noteably, serial novels. Money works, like literature, by commanding and manipulating trust, risk, social and symbolic codes, and political structures, and shapes the life of individuals in many, often unnoticed, ways. Because of this, it is necessary to analyze the social life of money with a historically grounded method not blind to the implicit intersections between language, history, and money.

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