Jacco Visser

PhD Student


My PhD project aims to investigate how the violence of the Bangladesh War of 1971 is memorialized in London through social activities, commemorative ceremonies, cultural events, and on social media. It will do so against the backdrop of recent convictions of the Bangladesh International War Crimes Tribunal (ICT), which have led to various demonstrations and contestations in London, illustrating renewed tensions over the Bangladesh War. 

The theoretical framework for this project is anchored in two categories of theory. The first is the growing body of work that emphasizes how memories are connected and cross borders, resulting in multiple contradictory shared memories that are fluid and overlapping between communities and nations. Furthermore, the study applies Michael Rothberg's notion of multidirectional memory to illustrate how memory is subject to on-going negotiation, cross referencing and borrowing. The second category of theory is the debate on how violence fundamentally shapes the temporality of memory, here the project will investigate what the reproduction of imperial mentalities in the British context entails for memory studies. 

Principal supervisor: Sara Dybris McQuaid (Aarhus University)
Co-supervisor: Nayanika Mookherjee (Durham University)

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ID: 101744988