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Izabela Anna Romanowska

dr, Postdoc, AIAS-COFUND Fellow, Postdoc

Izabela Anna Romanowska


Iza Romanowska (@Iza_Romanowska) is a computational archaeologist working on the interface between social sciences and computer science. Having originally trained and worked as a prehistoric archaeologist, she switched to computer-based research while undertaking a PhD program at the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation, University of Southampton. She specializes in applications of simulation techniques, in particular agent-based modelling, to social science and humanities topics such as mobility in prehistoric cities, the first out-of-Africa human dispersal, large-scale economic interactions across the Roman Mediterranean and real-time pedestrian flows in modern sports venues. Previously the head of the Social Science Simulation and Digital Humanities Research Group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, where she explored the ever-growing use of High-Performance Computing in Humanities Research. She is now a COFUND fellow at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies combining data science and simulation techniques to reconstruct demographic trends from archaeological data. 

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