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Ivan Paponov

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Ivan Paponov

Associate Professor

  • Department of Food Science - Plant, Food & Climate
Postal address:
Agro Food Park 48
5908, 223
Aarhus N

Email: ivpa@food.au.dk

Mobile: +4520986016

Curriculum Vitae

As a plant scientist, I integrate research on plant physiology, plant nutrition, plant genetics, bioinformatics, and cell biology. My main interest lies in understanding how plants adapt to different environmental conditions in the context of plant growth regulation and the accumulation of secondary compounds that are important for the quality of high-value crops. My specific research interests were initially centered on the genetic aspects of nitrogen use efficiency, but they have since expanded to encompass the molecular biological aspects of plant hormone action. A current focus is the nature of the cross-talk that occurs between different environmental stimuli and phytohormone signaling, as interactions between these processes appear to regulate the responses of plant growth and plant secondary metabolism to different environments.


Potentiale i nye gødskningsstrategier til økogrøntsager

Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen, Margita Hefner, Jørn Nygaard Sørensen & Ivan Alekseevic Paponov


1 Media contribution

Åbent Hus i økogrønsager

Margita Hefner, Jørn Nygaard Sørensen, Ivan Alekseevic Paponov & Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen


1 Media contribution