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Inge S. Fomsgaard
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My research area is chemical compounds (small molecules) which are present in agricultural crops or in the agricultural environment. I have built the team "Natural Product Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry" (see "Further information") and am the team leader. My team conducts research into a)secondary metabolites in agricultural crops, with properties as alternative crop protection products and as health promoting substances, b) fate of pesticides in the environment and c) agricultural and environmnetal metabolomics. 

My research into the natural chemicals of agricultural crops encompasses investigations into the presence of the compounds under varying cultivation conditions and under stress effects; the excretion of natural chemicals from agricultural crops; sorption, transformation leaching of natural chemicals in soil; the effect of natural chemicals on the microbial environment in soil; uptake and metabolisation in humans and animals; health effects; isolation and structural elucidation. We deal with natural chemicals from cereals (wheat, rye and maize), legumes, grasses, vegetables, trpical medicinal plants, herbs, and the tropical crop amaranth and use state-of-the-art mass spectrometry (LC-MSMS, LC-MSQTRAP, LC-TOF, GC-TOF og LC-MS-DAD).

Team Natural Product Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry has built a strong specialization within benzoxazinoid chemistry (quantitative analysis, metabolism, structural elucidation, effects, synthesis, isolation). Benzoxazinoids are a group of natural compounds which occur in the majority of cereal crops and a few monocotyledonous plants. Benzoxazinoids are small molecules with biological effects; they may be defense compounds for the plants that produce them; health-promoting substances for animals and humans who consume them in the diet; and of interest as purely medical drugs. Benzoxazinoids was the central point in the FATEALLCHEM project (FP5 2001-2004) and “BREAD AND BREAKFAST” ( 2009-2014). Currently benzoxazinoids are the focus point in the projects “RyeproC” ( ), “BENZEX” ( ) and "Bioactive secondary metabolites in wheat - a Hitherto underexploited resistance mechanism against Fusarium Head Blight infection and the biosynthesis of Mycotoxins"

My research is interdisciplinary in collaboration with: : medical doctors, agronomists, biologists, pathologists, molecular biologists, veterinarians, weed scientists, microbiologists, statisticians.

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Current project participation or - leadership


Suppressive effect of benzoxazinoids on prostate cancer cells. - PhD project, Bina Bhattarai, 2017-2020. Supervisor

Clever plant roots design their associated microbiome to prevent disease. What are the mechanisms behind? - The Danish Council for Independent Research – Technology and Production, 2016-2019. Workpackage leader. Supervisor for PhD student, Kourosh Hooshmand

Root-protected grass. - Green Development and Demonstration Programme. 2015-2019. Work package leader.

Pyretroids in private homes. - Danish Environmental Protection Agency. 2015-2018. Project leader

Organic cotton for Employment, Growth and Environment. - Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2015-2019. Work package leader. Supervisor for PhD student Innocent Eclou,

BENZEX. Biosynthesis, transport and exudation of 1,4-benzoxazin-3-ones as determinants of plant biotic action. - ERA-CAPS, 2014-2017. Work package leader. Supervisor for postdoc Hans Albert Pedersen

Bioactive secondary metabolites in wheat – a hitherto underexploited resistance mechanism against Fusarium Head Blight infection and the biosynthesis of mycotoxins. Supervisor - Individual postdoc project Thomas Etzerodt,The Danish Council for Independent Research – Technology and Production, 2013-2017.

RyeproC. Whole grain rye as a functional food for suppression of prostate cancer –elucidating the role of benzoxazinoids and other bioactive constituents. -The Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences, 2013-2017. Project leader. Supervisor for postdoc Stine Krogh Steffensen

Metagenomic and metabolomic aspects of organic nitrogen uptake by plants – how is organic nitrogen acquisition influenced by microorganisms in rhizosphere? - Postdoc project Weronika Graj 2016-2017. Supervisor

Characterization of conjugates and bound residues of azoxystrobin metabolism in lettuce - PhD project Maheswor Dev Gautam 2014-2017. Supervisor.

Wheat suppressive effects of rye, wheat and triticale. PhD project Anthe Reiss 2014-2017. Co-supervisor.

Arming honeybees with nature's pharmacy. - Individual postdoc project Nanna Hjort Vidkjær. The Danish Council for Independent Research – Technology and Production, 2016-2019. Supervisor.

Master thesis projects

I am offering Master's thesis topics related to our courses or our current externally funded projects. Tutoring takes place in collaboration with my postdocs and PhD students.


Course coordination:

Comments from participants in our 2017 Hands-on LC-MSMS course

  • “A super course for people who has a LCMS in their department, but not fully confident in using it”
  •  “The proportion of lectures, laboratory work, instrument use and group study time was well distributed and in each period we could finalize some activity”
  • “Learning through practical way instead of just listening to lectures: learning more deeply”
  •  “Promoting self-thinking and advice from experts are well balanced”
  •  “Course team is highly trained, cooperative and organized”

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