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Bo Vangsø Iversen

PhD, Associate Professor

Bo Vangsø Iversen
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Main research interest

Hydrology, soil physics

Field of work:

I am MSc in geology educated at Aarhu University where I was specialised in pedology. Also, I have a PhD. degree from Aalborg University in environmental engineering. Since 1996 I have been working as a scientist at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences - from 2003 as a senior scientist. In 2007 we merged with Aarhus University so now I am back to the point where I started working as an associated professor.

My main fields of interest are hydrology and soil physics. Especially my work has been focused on the transport of water and solutes in the soil.

In relation to the study of the transport processes in the soil, I have worked with the hydraulic characterisation of the soil with special emphasis on measuring the soil water characteristics and the saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity. The effect of the inherent properties and the effect of tillage systems on the hydraulic properties of the soil have been studied. Also I have been working with one -, two -, and three -dimensional models in relation to the study of the transport processes.

I have worked with alternative methods measuring the saturated hydraulic conductivity of the soil. Mainly, this work focused on the in situ measurements of the air permeability of the soil. Also, in connection with measuring the air permeability and the saturated hydraulic conductivity, I have been working with spatial variability and scale effects. In relation to water transport I have been developing neurale networks using simple soil parameters aiming at predicting the potential of water transport in macropores.

Today my focus is on water transport in the agricultural landscape in relation to strategies focusing on spatially differentiated N-regulation. Here is have focus on the prediction and modelling of discharge from drain pipe systems. Together with that I teach bachelor as well as master student in soils science and supervise PhD students in relation to different projects.

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