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Ella Paldam

PhD, Head of Promotions

Ella Paldam
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I am head of learning at The Science Museums at the Faculty for Natural Sciences, Aarhus University and honorary associate professor at The Interacting Minds Centre, ARTS, Aarhus University.


My previous research includes work on collaboration, play and learning as part of the PlayTrack research team at the IMC. I have collaborated with several external partners in the Danish society (Langagerskolen, CoC Playful Minds and The Danish National Museum).


In the CollaboLearn project (2018-2022), we developed play-based social learning curricula for - and in collaboration with - children on the spectrum and their adults (parents and teachers). To deepen our understanding of the children's collaboration, we studied their communication strategies, e.g. in the paper A robot or a dumper truck?


I hold a PhD in the Anthropology of Religion from Aarhus University. My previous research includes contemporary indigenous religiosity among California Indians, healing through prayer among Danish Christians, the decline in religiosity in Denmark since 1300, and lived religion among Danish Asatru and witches.

Research areas


Research topics: collaboration, play, learning, co-production, co-creation, communication, interaction, autism.

Education: Anthropology of religion (supervisor: Armin W. Geertz).

Position: Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow. My research is also funded by Trygfonden, the Innovation Fund Denmark, PlayTrack (the Lego Foundation) and CoC Playful Minds.

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