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Peer Berg

Senior Researcher

Peer Berg
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It is the aim of my scientific work to contribute to the development of theory and methods used for genetic improvement in general, and in livestock species in particular. More specifically it is the aim to

-  contribute to theory on optimal structures and decision rules used in breeding schemes.

-  contribute to theory on utilization of genomic and similar types of information in animal breeding and their implications.

-  contribute to the understanding of genetic variation in traits of importance for an efficient and profitable production of farm animals, as well as traits of importance for the welfare and health of the animals.

-  contribute to the implementation of optimal breeding schemes in the breeding industries by education of students and through cooperation internationally, nationally and with the relevant industries.

Current areas of work:

-  Optimising strategies for utilization of genomic information in pigs and dairy cattle

-  Optimizing breeding schemes for collaborating populations

-  Strategies for and implications of using molecular information in breeding schemes

-  Monitoring the efficiency of breeding schemes

-  Genetics of feed efficiency and body condition in mink and pigs

-  Genetic variation in timing of reproduction and fur priming in mink


The aim of my contribution as a research manager is to contribute to the development of a research group of the highest international standard, being a major contributor to scientific development and a preferred collaboration partner for research groups and industry by

-  attracting highly qualified researchers

-  develop individual research competences and collaborative skills

-  develop ambitious research strategies

-  creation of an open, innovative working environment

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