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Martin Paldam

Professor Emeritus

Martin Paldam



Education: Cand.polit. 1969. Dr.oecon. 1982
Position: Professor, 1989
Administrative Assistant: Birgitte Højklint Nielsen
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Professor, cand polit, dr oecon. At the Department since 1975. Honorary Professor at Deakin Universitet Melbourne, and International Research Fellow at the Institute for the World Economy, Kiel.  Main interests: Public choice/modern political economy and growth and development.  CV, list of publications (about 230) and the newest versions of my working papers for the last 3-4 years at my personal home page

Teaching Interests

  • Development
  • Public Choice
  • Macro

Research Interests

  • Development
  • Public Choice
  • Social Capital
  • Transition of Eastern Europe

Selected Publications

  • M. Paldam, 1979. Is there an Electional Cycle? A Comparative Study of National Accounts, Scandinavian Journ. of Economics, 81 (2), 323-342, republ. in S. Strøm (ed), Measurement in Public Choice, MacMillan, London 1980 and in B.S. Frey, Political Business Cycles, Readings Series, London 1998.
  • M. Paldam, 1981. A Preliminary Survey of the Theories and Findings on Vote and Popularity Functions, European Journal of Political Research, 9 (2), 181-199. And the successor with P. Nannested: The VP-Function: A Survey of the Literature on Vote and Popularity Functions after 25 Years, Public Choice,, 79 (3-4), 213-245.
  • M. Paldam, 1983. Industrial Conflicts and Economic Conditions - a Comparative Empirical Investigation, European Economic Review, 20 (1-3), 231-256.
  • M. Paldam, 1991. The Development of the Rich Welfare State of Denmark, in M. Blomström and P. Mellor (eds), Diverging Paths. A Century of Scandinavian and Latin American Development, John Hopkins University Press (for the Interamerican Development Bank).
  • M. Paldam, 1994. The Political Economy of Stopping High Inflation. Invited paper for special issue of the European Journal of Political Economy 10 (1), 135-168.
  • M. Paldam, P. Nannestad and M. Rosholm, 2003. System Change and Economic Voting. A Study of Immigrants and Natives in Israel. Electoral Studies 22, 485-501.

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