Department of Economics and Business Economics

Anil Kumar

Associate Professor

Anil Kumar


Member of section: Accounting and Finance
Research Secretary: Pernille Vorsø Jachobsen

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The Effect of Financial Flexibility on Payout Policy (with Carles Vergara-Alert) - Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2020, 55(1), 263-289.

Riskiness of Real Estate Development: A Perspective from Urban Economics & Option Value Theory (with David Geltner and Alex M. Van de Minne) - Real Estate Economics, 2020, 48(2), 406-445.  

The Effect of Real Estate Prices on Peer Firms (with Einar Cathrinus Kjenstad) - Real Estate Economics, 2022, 50(4), 1022-1053.

Is There Super-normal Profit in Real Estate Development? (with David Geltner and Alex M. Van de Minne) - Journal of Real Estate Research, Forthcoming

Stock Comovement and Financial Flexibility (with Teng Huang, Stefano Sacchetto, and Carles Vergara-Alert) - Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming


Working Papers:

Hedging, Contract Enforceability and Competition (with Erasmo Giambona and Gordon M. Phillips)

Available at

Estimating Commercial Property Fundamentals from REIT data (with David Geltner and Alex M. Van de Minne)

Available at

Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Hedging: Evidence from Commercial Real Estate (with Erasmo Giambona and Ricardo Lopez-Aliouchkin)

CEO Connectedness, REIT Investment Activity and Performance (with Stefan Hirth)

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