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Ib Sillebak Kristensen

Senior Researcher

Ib Sillebak Kristensen
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In the 80’ties I have mainly been engaged in studies on private dairy farms, developing management tools for controlling forage production of grass/clover, grazing, fodder beets, whole crop silage.

My PhD-work was a study on cutting strategies of perennial ryegrass in a cutting trial and I developed a mechanistic, dynamic simulation model for simulating the grass production on the basis of the WATCROS-model from DK and the HURLEY-model from UK.

From 1987 to 2005 I have been responsible for evaluating crop production and nutrient flows on private mixed organic and conventional dairy farms. The developed internet tool used for Danish environmental legislation is available on www.farm-N.dk. From the 90-ties I have been the leader of a project operationalizing the nutrient flow between field and livestock on mixed organic farms.

From 1993 to 2005 I was investigating crop production on organic farms with egg and 100 % arable/vegetable crop production.

From 2000 I have been involved in developing Life Cycle Assessment, quantifying N-flows on regional and national scale.

From 2009 I have been conducting maize field trials in order to reduce nitrate leaching from Danish maize production, with special emphasis on undersown grasses in established maize crops, and modelling the development of maize. A farm tool is available for calculating DM development during autumn, see https://weathermodels-plant.dlbr.dk/maize-harvest-2012.aspx?&d=1.

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