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Hugo Daniel Macedo

Member of Administrative Staff, Assistant Professor

Hugo Daniel Macedo
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Hugo Daniel Macedo received a Mathematics and Computer Sciences Diploma in 2007 and a PhD degree (Doctorate in Computer Science) in 2012, from Universidade do Minho, Portugal, and has been serving several research projects since.

Hugo is interested in research where mathematical models are applied in the process of software engineering. For instance, he has experience in applying formal methods in the context of harvesting logistics [NLML18], railways signaling systems [FHM17,MHF17,MFH16], and malware analysis [MT13]. Hugo's PhD thesis argued for the usage of elements of category theory and linear algebra in the development of software and database algorithms [OM17,M16, MO13,MO10], and his research career started with the rigorous modeling of the behavior of a cardiac pacing mechanism in VDM [MLF08].

Since 2017, Hugo is with the Section of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Engineering, at Aarhus University. At this section, he serves the Software and Computing Systems area, and contributes/ contributed in several research projects:



Hugo serves as a teaching assistant in Systems Engineering, Specification of IT Systems, Modeling of Critical Systems, and Decision Support Systems, and co-supervises a variety of students. Hugo has published several research articles, and served as reviewer for several conferences and journals.  Hugo is a member of the DIGIT Centre (Aarhus University Centre for Digitalisation, Big Data and Data Analytics) where he serves as the Academic Research Collaboration Officer.

In the past, Hugo visited/ collaborated with the following research groups/ projects:

    • SPIRAL project (http://www.spiral.net/) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    • IRIF lab (formerly LIAFA) at University Paris 7, FR
    • DEDUCTEAM at INRIA Paris Rocquencourt, FR
    • Formal Methods Group at PUC Rio de Janeiro, BR
    • Software Engineering Group at DTU Compute, DK
Hugo participated in the 4th Heidelberg Laureate Forum in 2016,  by the invitation of Prof. Vladimir Voevodsky. Hugo co-chaired the session on randomized algorithms, and he is available to write support letters for PhD/ Postdocs applying to participate in future editions.

Hugo’s current focus are Cyber-Physical Systems and Statistical Learning, and, in the long term, Hugo is interested in improving society through the combination of techniques in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering.


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