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Henrik Thers

PhD, Postdoctoral researcher

Henrik Thers


Postdoctoral researher in farm systems, climate and environment

The main focus of my research is on modelling and life cycle assessments of agricultural systems, mainly in relation to biomass and energy production, climate and the environment.
The current research topics regards modeling of the full agricultural system in Denmark, life cycle assessments of organic soil in relation to paludi-culture, extraction of proteins from green biomass (protein refinery) and input, output, and losses in connection to clover grass cultivation and management.
Previously my focus has been on nitrous oxide and the carbon footprint of oilseed rape for biodiesel purposes as well as biochar and nitrification inhibitors as climate mitigation agents.
I teach lessons within the courses Agriculture in a global context and Agriculture and food production.

Researcher ID: AAJ-2757-2020
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