Department of Management

Henning Madsen

Associate professor emeritus



PhD in Business Economics, Aarhus School of Business 1990
MSc in Mathematical Economics, Aarhus University 1976


Department of Business Administration, Aarhus University (2011-2014)
Department of Management Aarhus School of Business (2008-2011)
Associate Professor
Department of Management Aarhus School of Business(2005-2008)
Department of Information Science Aarhus School of Business(1984-2005)
Associate Professor (Substitute), The Business School of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg
Scholarship, Aarhus School of Business(1982-1983)
Teaching Assistant Professor(only teaching), Aarhus School of Business(1977-1981)
Part time teacher, Aarhus School of Business(1976-1977)


Henning Madsen is a member of the editorial board of Business Strategy and the Environment and has served as guest editor or ad hoc reviewer for the following journals:
• Business Strategy and the Environment
• Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
• Scandinavian Journal of Management
• Journal of Cleaner Production
• Journal of Business Ethics
• European Journal of Operational Research
• Entrepreneurship – Theory and Practice
• International Journal of Organizational Analysis
• Journal of International Entrepreneurship
• Journal of Business Venturing

Furthermore he has published papers in journals like:
• Business Strategy and the Environment
• Greener Management International
• Industry and Environment
• Eco-Management and Auditing
• Scandinavian Journal of Management
• Human Resource Management Journal
• Women in Management Review
• International Journal of Management
• Managerial Decisions and Economics
• Journal of International Entrepreneurship
• Journal of Enterprising Culture
• Industry & Higher Education
• Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
• Industrial Management & Data Systems
• Ledelse og Erhvervsøkonomi

And published books or contributions to anthologies from the following publishing companies:
• Edward Elgar Publishing
• Greenleaf Publishing
• Official Publications of the European Communities
• Børsens Forlag

Henning Madsen has organised or co-organised conferences, tracks, sessions or PDWs at the following conferences:
• Academy of Management
• European Academy of Management
• Nordic Business Environmental Management Network Conference
• European Marketing Academy
• Association of Danish Engineers Jubilee Conference
• Annual Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute
• Congress of the International Statistical Institute

Furthermore he has reviewed and presented papers or served as a discussant at conferences
• Corporate Responsibility Research Conference
• International Conference on Environmental Management and Engineering
• Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Ecological Economics
• European Foundation Meeting on Environmental Education and Training in Europe
• AUDES Conference
• TIES/SPRUCE Conference
• International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
• Australian New Zealand Systems Conference
• International Conference on Science, Technology and Society
• International Statistical Institute
• Det Danske Ledelsesakademi

During his active career he has been affiliated with the following academic associations:
• Danish Academy of Management
• European Academy of Management
• Academy of Management
• Decision Science Institute


Henning Madsen has been involved in the following research projects – mainly as responsible
or co-responsible:

2011-14: Internationalization of university education in Denmark - with Aarhus University as a case (Sponsored by the Danish Research Council)
2007-09: Think Management Think Male (cooperation with Exeter University, UK)
1999-2002: Social Networks and Entrepreneurship (a LOK project)
1998-2006: The Danish Management Barometer (in collaboration with the Danish Association of Managers and Executives)
1994-2014 : The Danish Environmental Management Survey (for quite a few years in the late
1990s this project was coordinated with similar projects in the other Nordic
countries and later on other European countries as well)
1993-1999: Training in Environmental Management (an EU project)
1988-1995: European Management Science Survey (a cross-European survey involving four


2009- : Member of the Committee for Protection of Academic Copyrights (a committee under Akademikerne - The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations).
2008-2013: Member of the board for Center for Business History (appointed by ASB).
2001-2002: Member of a Committee in the Ministry of Trade and Industry preparing the
Danish part of an OECD survey concerning the application of knowledge management in Danish companies.
2001: External assessor and chairman of the Committee on Academic Quality Improvement at the National University of Ireland, Galway.
1999-2005: Key internal and external factors during the entrepreneurial process. A project sponsored by the Ministry of Trade and Business.
1998-2006: Co-founder of and member of the steering committee for the Danish Management Barometer.
1998-1999: Professional Education and Training for Sustainable Development in Sweden and Denmark. An EU project sponsored by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.
1997-1998: Member of committee in the Ministry of Trade and Industry concerning establishment of a research centre in leadership, organisation and development of
competencies (LOK) - budget 37 mill. DKK.
1997: Member of an international consortium preparing an application for the EU environment and climate programme.
1993-1999: Training in Environmental Management - Industry and Sustainability. An EU project sponsored by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.
1993- : Co-founder of the Danish Environmental Management Survey (DEMS).
1992: Development of a research programme in Sustainable Industrial Production together with colleagues from the Technical University of Denmark.
1988-1995: Co-founder of the European Management Science Survey and responsible for international contacts.


Henning Madsen has lectured and supervised at the following levels: Bachelor, Master, PhD
and MBA.
He has also served as coordinator of bachelor’s and master’s programmes.