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Helle Merete Nordentoft

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Helle Merete Nordentoft
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I research collective and interdisciplinary interactions and counselling practices in health care and educational settings. Originally, as an educated nurse and clinical supervisor, I have focused on supervision practices, communication and professional development in social- and health care contexts. Lately, I have increasingly focused my research on supervision practices in higher education contexts. In both contexts, my research focus revolves around the way in which diversity and interdisciplinarity become drivers in developing students’ and practitioners’  communication practices and critical reflexive capacity and, therefore, can qualify their learning processes.

In my research, I work with participatory and creative qualitative methodologies – and also how these methodologies can be used not only as research- but also serve as pedagogical methodologies in the development of supervision practices in healthcare- social and educational contexts. For instance, I work with online forms of communication/feedback and supervision, visual methodologies and role-play methods. The question is, how these methodologies can develop participants’ sensitivity with respect to affective dimensions of the learning process and also multimodal aspects of supervision practices such as architecture, bodily economies including voice and vocal dimensions in human interactions.

I coordinate, teach and supervise students at the Master Education in Guidance and Counselling http://edu.au.dk/uddannelse/masteruddannelser/oversigtoveruddannelser/masterivejledning/ and also the Master in Education Science http://kandidat.au.dk/en/educationscience/. Moreover, I am a member of the Guidance Research Unit http://edu.au.dk/en/research/research-units/guidance/

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