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Helene Ilkjær

PhD, Assistant Professor

Helene Ilkjær


My current research focuses on the international migration of highly skilled professionals to Denmark with particular focus on the recruitment strategies, settlement processes, mobility patterns and everyday life. The islands of Lolland and Falster are the project's empirical case.

As an industrial postdoc, I have previously worked with user studies and user-driven innovation of new security and wayfinding technologies for international airports and malls. My focus was on engaging passenger experience and employee work processes in the  development and deployment of the new technologies.

My PhD research focused on return migration among highly skilled (IT) professionals to Bangalore, India touching on themes of international mobility patterns and decision making, skills and deskilling, gated communities, philanthropy and giving back.

Previously, my research has also engaged with Sikh studies, especially the Sikhs in Denmark, diasporic and homeland relations, conflict and community building.

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