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Helena Skyt Nielsen


Helena Skyt Nielsen


MA, Aarhus University, 1996
PhD, Aarhus University, 1999

Member of the Economics Section
Research Secretaries: Mette Vad Andersen and Susan Stilling

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Helena Skyt Nielsen is a professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus University. She is also a research fellow at IZA. Helena Skyt Nielsen has served as an editor-in-chief of Labour Economics, as a member of the European Association of Labour Economists and as a member of the Independent Research Fund Denmark | Social Sciences. Currently she is the Director of Graduate Studies and a member of the Danish Economic Councils. Helena Skyt Nielsen’s research areas concerns labor, education, and family economics. She has published her work in journals such as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Economic Journal, Journal of Human Resources, and Journal of the European Economic Association.


Teaching Interests

  • Economics of Education
  • Family economics
  • Labour economics
  • Micro economics
  • Applied Microeconometrics


Research Interests

  • Economics of education
  • Family economics
  • Labour economics


Selected Publications

  • Damgaard, M. T. and H. S. Nielsen (2018), Nudging in Education. Economics of Education Review 64: 313-342.
  • Joensen, J. S. and H. S. Nielsen (2018), Spillovers in Education Choice. Journal of Public Economics 157: 158-183.
  • Landersø, R., H. S. Nielsen and M. Simonsen (2017), School Starting Age and the Crime-Age Profile. Economic Journal 127: 1096-1118.
  • Andersen, S. C. and H. S. Nielsen (2016), Reading intervention with a growth mindset approach improves children's skills. PNAS 113 (43): 12111-12113.
  • Joensen, J. S. and H. S. Nielsen (2016), Mathematics and Gender: Heterogeneity in Causes and Consequences. Economic Journal 126: 1129-63.
  • Eriksen, T. L. M., H. S. Nielsen and M. Simonsen (2014), Bullying in Elementary School. Journal of Human Resources 49: 849-871
  • Dalsgaard, S., H. S. Nielsen and M. Simonsen (2014), Consequences of ADHD Medication Use for Children’s Outcomes. Journal of Health Economics 37: 137-151.
  • Nielsen, H. S., T. Sørensen and C. Taber (2010), Estimating the Effect of Student Aid on College Enrollment: Evidence from a Government Grant Policy Reform. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2 : 185-215.
  • Joensen, J. S. and H. S. Nielsen (2009), Is there a Causal Effect of High School Math on Labor Market Outcomes? Journal of Human Resources, 44: 171-198
  • Christiansen, C., J. Joensen, and H. S. Nielsen (2007), The Risk-Return Trade-off in Human Capital Investment. Labour Economics 14: 971-986
  • Nielsen, H. S., M. Simonsen and M. Verner (2004), Does the Gap in Family-friendly Policies Drive the Family Gap?  Scandinavian Journal of Economics 26: 721-744




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