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Heidi Thorgaard Kristensen

PhD Student

Heidi Thorgaard Kristensen


PhD project: Co-precipitates between milk and plant proteins – mechanisms behind protein interaction and improved functionality
University: Aarhus University
Department: Department of Food Science
Supervisor: Trine Kastrup Dalsgaard, Associate Professor
Project supervisor: Marianne Hammershøj, Associate Professor
Project term: 01-02-2016 – 31-01-2019
Master’s degree: MSc in Biotechnology, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, Aalborg University

Proteins provide various functionalities to food in terms of stability, the sensory properties, e.g. texture, and shelf life. Co-precipitation of milk and plant proteins has been shown to improve several functionalities, like gelling and protein solubility. Milk proteins provide a nutritional source of proteins with a good functional profile and combined with less expensive plant proteins in co-precipitates, interesting interactions between proteins have been observed.  The understanding of these interactions may give rise to a better understanding of functionalities in foods,  as it has been shown that this depends on the protein properties. Therefore, investigations of the protein interactions are important in order to understand the mechanism behind the improved functionalities caused by co-precipitation.

The aim of the project is to understand the mechanism(s) responsible for interactions between milk and two different plant protein sources; pea and rice in co-precipitation products, which are hypothesized to possess improved functionalities.

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