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Heidi Mai-Lis Andersen

Member of Administrative Staff

Heidi Mai-Lis Andersen
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Research in basic and applied ethology. The focus has been on pigs circadian rhythm and how circadian rhythms are influenced by various factors such as air temperature and group size. The aim of the research is to provide the basis for systems that can identify behavior that differs from the expected - e.g. as a result of disease or temperature conditions in the pen - and thereby ensuring possible problems are handled in the beginning. I also work with the importance of the pen design for the pig's behavior. The aim of this is to promote knowledge of how the various factors in the path affects pigs' behavior and thereby contribute with knowledge to ensure animal welfare and productivity.

- PigIt
- Staldtek
- Water intake in outdoor lactating sows
- The farrowing pen for the future
- Thermal comfort and pigs' surface temperature

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