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Hans Meltofte


Curriculum Vitae

D. Sc., University of Copenhagen

Employment record

Chief scientist on an Arctic Biodiversity Assessment and senior scientist at the National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Arctic Environment, University of Aarhus.

Editor and producer of publications disseminating the results from Zackenberg together with IPCC's 3rd assessment on climate change.

Executive editor on a book with the results of the first 10 years of research and monitoring at Zackenberg: "High-Arctic Ecosystem Dynamics in a Changing Climate. Ten years of monitoring and research at Zackenberg Research Station, Northeast Greenland."

Manager of the BioBasis monitoring programme at the Zackenberg Research Station in Northeast Greenland (run by the Danish Polar Center 1995-1997 and by the National Environmental Research Institute since 1998). Station manager 1995-1997.

Researcher and author on a wide variety of projects, based at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen (please see the publication list)

Meteorological assistant on weather stations in Greenland and free lance field worker and researcher on projects in Greenland and Denmark

Radio technician and field worker on Danish biological field stations

Honorary jobs

Member of the board of the Danish Ornithological Society (DOF/BirdLife Denmark), its Conservation Committee (chairman) and editor in chief of its scientific journal "Dansk Ornitologisk Forenings Tidskrift".

Member of the board of representatives of Wetlands International.