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Hans Gesser

Senior Associate Professor emeritus

Hans Gesser
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My research interests concern cardiac muscle function in relation to mode of life and environmental conditions primarily in ectothermic vertebrates. Additional information is available in a review article (W.R. Driedzic & H. Gesser (1994). Energy metabolism and contractility in ectothermic vertebrate hearts: hypoxia, acidosis, and low temperature. (Physiol. Rev. 74, 221-258). The studies take advantage of large species differences and are based on comparisons of species such as freshwater turtle and rainbow trout, which differ in tolerance to oxygen deficiency and acidosis. We examine different aspects of energy metabolism and contractility and its regulation. The studies are predominantly carried out on isolated heart tissue and include recording of force, oxygen consumption and lactate production, membrane potentials, and cellular energy state and enzyme properties. The execution of the projects is considerably based on participation of master and Ph.D. students and guest scientists. Although some examples of suitable master/Ph.D-projects are noted , the projects change, so that students who are interested are encouraged to contact me for non-binding discussions.

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