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Hans Brix

PhD, Professor, Head of Department

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data:

Born 11th of November 1955, Jerslev, Denmark; married, 4 kids, citizen of Denmark


Upper secondary education (High school), Hjørring Gymnasium, DK (1975); Cand.scient in biology (MSc), Aarhus University, DK (1981); Lic. scient in biology (PhD), Aarhus University, DK (1989)

Work Address:

Department of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University, Ole Worms Allé 1, Building 1135, 8000 Århus C, Denmark, telephone: +45 89424714, (mobile) +45 28992031, fax +45 89424747. Positions:

Full Professor, Plant Biology, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University (2006-), Associate Professor, Plant Biology, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University (1991-2006), Assistant Professor, Botanical Institute, Aarhus University (1987-1991), Research Fellow, Botanical Institute, Aarhus University (1984-1987), Project employee, Viborg County (work place Aarhus University) (1981-1984).

Prolonged research visits at other institutions:

Louisiana State University, School of the Coast and Environment, USA (2009, ½ year), National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Christchurch, New Zealand (2002, ½ year), Louisiana State University, Wetlands Biogeochemistry Institute, USA (1996, 3 months), CSIRO Australia, Div.of Water Resources, Griffith Labora­tory, New South Wales, Australia (1991, ½ year)


Undergraduate and graduate teaching: ‘Systems Ecology', ‘Plant Physiology',  ‘Environmental Biology', ‘Aquatic Ecology', ‘Wetland Ecology', ‘Lake Ecology', ‘Plant Ecophysiology', ‘Biological Processes in Technical Systems' Ph.D.-course:  "Use of Wetlands in Water Pollution Control", Grad. School of Aquatic Sciences, AU; External courses: "Technology transfer course of Danish know-how in low technology waste water treatment to Poland", "Limnological Bases for the Management of Wetlands" (Zaragoza, Spain); "The Role of Wetlands for the Control of Pollution in Rural Areas" (Zaragoza, Spain);  "Biological Wastewater Treatment and Wetland Workshop" (Budapest, Hungary); "Wetland  Management, Restoration and Applications" (Zaragoza, Spain); MSc Courses on Wetland Ecology and Use of Wetlands in Water Pollution Control, CanTho University, Vietnam.


Specialised in freshwater ecology, wetland ecology and management, and the implementation of wetland systems for water pollution control. Focus is on the ecophysiology of plants in aquatic ecosystems and biogeochemical cycling in wetland ecosystems. The research involves studies on ecosystem, community and the individual plant level, and is currently focused on assessing ecophysiological characteristics of invasive species and invasive biology. Applied aspects of the research involve the use of natural and constructed wetlands for the treatment of various kinds of polluted.

Administration and Management:

International: Member European Science Foundation Standing Committee for Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences (LESC Core group; since 2006); Member of evaluation committee of NordForsk (2010- ). Danish Management Committee Member of COST action 859 "Phytotechnologies to promote sustainable land use and improve food safety" (since 2004); Danish Management Committee Member of COST action 837 "Phytoremediation" (1998-2003); Chairman and founder of the IAWPRC Specialist Group on the Use of Macrophytes in Water Pollution Control (1987-1992); Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Phragmites-dominated wetlands, their functions and sustainable use, April 18-23, 1999, Trebon, Czech Republic (1997); Organizer and chairman for "Int. conference on Phragmites-dominated wetlands" (1999) 

National: Member of the Danish Natural Science Research Council (2003-2010); Member of the committee for the State Library and the Natural History Museum, Aarhus (since 2006)

Department, Faculty, Studies: Head of Section of Plant Biology (since 2001); Chair of the research board of the Department (since 2006-2009); Member of the works committee (since 2004); Member of the safety committee (since 2004); Member of board of the Department of Biological Sciences (2001-2004); Member of the study board (1996-1998).

Editorial Committments:

Editorial Advisory Board of the scientific journals: Aquatic Botany (since 1996); Editorial Board of Ecological Engineering - the Journal of Ecotechnology (since 1994); Editorial Board of International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (since 1994)

International Research Cooperation 2005-2009:

2008-  Dr. John Clayton, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Hamilton, New Zealand, and Prof. Irv Mendelssohn, Louisiana State University, USA: Ecophysiology of invasive aquatic plants.  2006-2009  Prof. Jes Vollertsen, Aalborg University: TREASURE. Treatment and re-use of urban stormwater runoff by innovative technologies for removal of pollutants.  2002-2009  Can Tho University, Vietnam. Danida project. CAULES: Cantho University - Aarhus University Link in Environmental Sciences.  2007-2010  Can Tho University, College of Aquaculture. Danida project: PHYSCAM: Physical Constraints in Aquaculture Production in the Mekong Delta.  2005-2008  Prof. Ranka Junge, University of Applied Science Waedenswil (Switzerland), Dr. Tjasa Griessler Bulc, LIMNOS (Slovenia), Prof. Petter Jenssen, Agricultural University of Norway (Norway), Dr. Oliver Baeder-Bederski, UFZ Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle (Germany), Prof. Nils Ekelund, Mid Sweden University (Sweden): Play with Water: Introducing ecological engineering to primary schools to increase interest and understanding of natural sciences. Coordinated action, EU 6th framework programme.  2005-2008 Prof. Xanthulis Dimitri,Gembloux Agricultural University (Belgium); Southwest University of Science and Technology (China), Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (Vietnam): Development of teaching and training modules for higher education on low-cost wastewater treatment. EU ASIA link programme.  2003-2005 Optiroc Norway: Wastewater treatment in Filterbeds. (with Prof. Peter Jensen from Norway and others from Sweden and Finland).

Major Research Grants (> 500.000 DKK):

2009:  689.212 DKK; FNU large equipment: TOC analyzer.  2007:  3.4 mill DKK, FNU frame-grant: Ecophysiology of invasive and non-invasive plants in aquatic ecosystems.  2006: 68.000 EURO: Life-Environment: TREASURE. Treatment and re-use of urban stormwater runoff by innovative technologies for removal of pollutants.  2005: 110.223 EURO; European Commission, 6th Framework Programme:: Asia-Link: Development of teaching and training modules for higher education on low-cost wastewater treatment.  2005: 700.000 DKR; Danish Natural Science Research Council: Growth Chamber for Ecophysiological Studies of Plants.  2003: 600.000 DKR; Danish Natural Science Research Council: DNA variation in Phragmites and its implications for Taxonomy, Biogeography, Population Biology and Ecophysiology.  2002: 605.972 DKR; Danish Natural Science Research Council: Flow-Injection-Analysis of Ammonium, Nitrate and Phosphate in Water.  2001: 660.000 DKR; Danish Natural Science Research Council: ICP-OES for Analysing of Metals in Water, Soils and Biological Materials.  1996: 315.000 US$; South Florida Water Management District: Macrophyte Nutrient Kinetics in the Everglades.  1996: 1.4 mill ECU; The European Commission, 4th framework programme: EUREED, Dynamics and Stability of Reed-dominated Ecosystems (Dr. Brix project coordinator).