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Hanne Søndergaard Møller

Laboratory Technician

Hanne Søndergaard Møller
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Senior laboratory assistant

My present area of work is proteome analysis on the whey and casein fraction of milk, as the protein composition of milk is of great significance to the functional properties of milk.

We are currently studying the significance of the protein profile of the raw milk on the formation of heat-induced changes in the protein profile during low pasteurizing.

In cheese production, the formation of fragments based on the milk proteins is important for the ripening process and it affects flavour and texture, which is the reason why we seek to identify these markers.

Proteome analysis involves 2D-electrophoresis including isoelectric focussing, SDS-PAGE, image analysis using Image-Master and protein identification using MALDI-TOF and MALDI-TOF-TOF.

Beside the above mentioned, I have gained experience in proteome analysis on cell lysates, muscles, liver, colon and lung tissue.

During my long employment I have also worked with biopsy sampling on animals for slaughter, pH and temperature measurements,  measurement of drip loss, muscle fibre determination using immunohistochemistry and image analysis, determination of single fiber types using SDS-Page and Western Blot, determination of glycolytic enzymes using spectrophotometry and fluorometry, determination of protein degradation using myofibrillar fracmentation index (MFI), separation of liver and muscle membranes using ultracentrifuging, cell and tissue culture, ELISA and finally isolation of fat cells.

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