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Hanne Nørreklit


Hanne Nørreklit


Research interests
International Management Accounting and Control with special interests in:
- Performance Measurement Systems
- Management ideology
Actor-based performance measurement
Management control and validity
Management accounting and change

Selected publications
Nørreklit, H, 2011. The Art of Managing Individuality, Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management, Vol. 8, No. 3.
Nørreklit H, Nørreklit L and Mitchell F 2010. Towards a paradigmatic foundations of accounting practice, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 23, No. 6.
Baldvinsdottir G., Burns J., Nørreklit H. and Scapens R.W.2009. The image of accountants: From bean counters to extreme accountants, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 6.
Malina, M., Nørreklit H. and Selto F. 2007. Relation among Measures, Climate of Control and Performance Measurement Models, Contemporary Accounting Research.
Nørreklit H, Nørreklit L and Israelsen P 2006, »Validity of Management Control Topoi? Towards Constructivist Pragmatism, Management Accounting Research, 17/1 pp. 42-71.
Bourguignon A., Malleret V., and Nørreklit H. 2004. The American Balanced Scorecard versus French Tableau de Bord: the ideological dimension, Management Accounting Research, 15, 2.
Nørreklit, H 2003. The Balance Scorecard — What Is the Score?, Accounting Organization and Society, 28, 6.
Nørreklit, H, 2000.The Balance on the Balanced Scorecard - a critical analysis of some of its assumptions, Management Accounting Research.

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Hanne Nørreklit, PhD, is a professor at the Aarhus University, Denmark and a professor II at Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway. Also, she has held a part-time professorship at Manchester University (UK), an honoree professorship at Dundee University, UK, Erik Malmsten visiting professor in economics, Göteborg University, Sweden and position at HEC, Paris, France. Her teaching and research areas cover performance measurement, international management control, management fashion, actor-based performance management, management rhetoric, and validity issues in management control. She has published in journals such as Accounting, Organization and Society, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Contemporary Accounting Research, Financial Accountability and Management, and Management Accounting Research and Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management. Hanne Nørreklit’s teaching includes supervising and lecturing PhD, master, B.A. and MBA students. She has taught at Universities and Business Schools in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, France, Italy and the USA.

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