Hamidreza Ardalani

PhD Student

Hamidreza Ardalani



PhD project: Uptake and metabolisation of phytochemicals and pesticides in honey bees: toxic or health sustaining effects?

Aims: Honey bees are ideal pollinators and subject to numerous stressors such as reduced flower diversity, new parasites, and chronical exposure to agrochemicals. In this project, I study the effects of plant secondary metabolites (PSMs) on the detoxification system of honey bees and the sacbrood virus (SBV) level when the bees are co-exposed to selected pesticides. The combination of analytical techniques (LC-MSQTRAP, GC-TOF-MS, UPLC-Orbitrap-MS, NMR), biological approaches (RT-qPCR), and metabolomics proceedings as a state-of-the-art will enrich a comprehensive ambience to clarify some agro-ecological questions. Investigation of how PSMs can up-regulate bees' systems to detoxify xenobiotics and identification of the enzymes which are involved in this process, can elucidate how bees face the toxicity of chemicals in an agricultural settings. In addition, I endeavour to modify and validate methods for xenobiotic determination in honey bees.


Research interests:


Natural products chemistry

Chemical ecology


ID: 118840795