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Hailiang Liu
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Project title: Future highly renewable Chinese energy systems: Fundamentals and techno-economic design

Renewable energy, especially wind power, has been developing rapidly in China due to a series of incentive policies. Now it is the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy, but the sector has long been criticised for problems connecting to the grid or having its output used fully.

The reason behind this is a combination of system failures, low demand and technical bottlenecks. Older issues are systemic – planning for generation and transmission are not coordinated; the grid fails to keep up with the rising capacity of renewable power, etc. Moreover, wind power is intermittent and to ensure a robust power system, it needs to be complemented with other sources of electricity to sustain a stable supply. 

To achieve this, we will investigate the ability of the existing Chinese energy system to integrate fluctuating wind power and explore how the power system can prepare itself for integrating more fluctuating renewable energy in the future.

Main supervisor: Prof. Martin Greiner

Co-supervisor: Associate Prof. Gorm Andresen

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