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Hagen Schulz-Forberg

PhD, Associate Professor

As Associate Professor for Global and European History, I want to continue the establishment of the international studies programme into today's newly forming understanding and analysis of globalisation. Global history is re-written and newly approached by a variety of disciplines and scholars within historiography and neighbouring fields and a profile of Global Studies as a new interdisciplinary field has emerged. 

My main effort is targeted on the practice and dissemination of research in the field of global history and global studies. Besides my own research, which is focused on the conceptual and cultural history of economic theory and its social imaginations from the nineteenth century until today, the strategic goal is to build sustainable research networks, to give PhD candidates the opportunity to mould their skills in an international environment, and to realise a multi-university graduate programme on the MA and PhD level in order to give young graduates from Denmark the possibility to meet and work with other graduates coming from anywhere in the world.

I will furthermore continue working on my older projects related to urban hisstory, travel studies, European history, theory of history, and transnational history.