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Gritt B. Nielsen

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Gritt B. Nielsen
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Since 2015, I have been employed as an associate professor in educational anthropology and globalisation at the department of educational anthropology, DPU. 

My research interests revolve around democracy and political/pedagogical participation, and how the conditions for participation are changing as the (welfare)state and its educational institutions are reformed. I am interested in how ideas about good and relevant knowledge are reshaped in both global and local spaces, characterised by collaboration as well as competition. In particular, take an interest in how alternative understandings and responses to dominant knowledge regimes are developed and circulated in more activist, experimental groups, especially among students. This includes questions of social justice, equality, decolonisation of knowledge and the limits of free speech and academic freedom. I look at how these social movements emerge and develop, the kinds of knowledge and learning that they engage with, and to what extent their ideas and practices are ‘scaled up’ and gain impetus in wider settings.  

I am currently coordinating a research project about new student movements and student-driven initiatives to promote social justice, plurality and equity in higher education in the USA, the UK, South Africa and Denmark: https://projects.au.dk/fighting-for-equality/

I have done ethnographic fieldwork on these and related questions in Denmark, New Zealand and Greenland.  

I teach and supervise at the MA degree programmes in Anthropology of Education and Globalisation (taught in English) and Pædagogisk Antropologi (taught in Danish). Currently, I am the chairperson of the education committee for the two MA programmes and a member of DPUs study council. I have coordinated the MA in Anthropology of Education and Globalisation since its inception in 2013.

Current Ph.D. students: Gabriella Muasya, Maya Acharya og Lærke Cecilie Anbert; and I am co-supervisor for Todd Wallenius. 

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