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Giuseppe Dionisio

Member of Administrative Staff

Profile photoGiuseppe Dionisio
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Crop Genetics and Biotechnology
Postal address:
Forsøgsvej 1
Email: giuseppe.dionisio@mbg.au.dk
Phone: +4587158261


2017-Forsker at Aarhus University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MGB), Flakkebjerg, 4200 Slagelse (DK)
2009-Akademisk medarbejder at Aarhus University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MGB), Flakkebjerg, 4200 Slagelse (DK)
2006-2009Post-doc at Aarhus University, Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, Research Centre Flakkebjerg, 4200 Slagelse (DK)
2003-2006Post-doc at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS), now Aarhus University, Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, Research Centre Flakkebjerg, 4200 Slagelse (DK)
2003Associate professor at KVL, Plant Nutrition laboratory, now Copenhagen University-LIFE (KU-LIFE)
2002-2003Grant abroad for scientific update: Post doc exchange visitor at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL), Plant Nutrition Laboratory. Guest of prof. Jan K. Schjørring
1999-2003Post-doc at the Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Catania (Italy)
1995-1998Ph. D. degree: Agricultural Chemistry, University of Catania (IT)
1994Research consultant at the Associated Biotechnological Research (ABRES), Biotechnological industry, 1994, Siracusa (Italy)

Education and training

1998Ph. D. degree: Agricultural Chemistry, University of Catania (IT)
1997PhD. exchange visitor at the prof. Steven C. Huber’s plant nutrition lab (North Carolina-Raleigh-USA), from May to October 1997
1993Bachelor Degree: Biological Sciences, University of Catania (IT)

Field of Expertise

Biochemistry: enzymeassay and purification and kinetics; subcellular protein purification; molecularbiology; recombinant proteins in bacteria, yeast or plant (biotechnology).Yeast genetic engineering. Transcriptomics; protein FPLC (GE-Healthcare);protein/peptide UPLC (Waters Aquity UPLC). Differential LC-MS based proteomics and untargeted metabolomics based on Progenesis QI for proteomics andmetabolomics. LC-MS based post-translational modification quantification(phosphorylation; glycosylation; nitrosylation; etc.). Mass Spectroscopyexpertise (Waters QTof, Synapt G2-si; ThermoScientific Q-exactive MS); Differential proteomics/metabolomics nanoLCMS/MS based; protein engineering; Label free and iTRAQ based differential proteomics; pichia fermentation withbenchtop Fermenter (New Brunswich Scientific); qRT-PCR; plant transformation.Plant transformation by biolistic gene gun and Agrobacterium mediated (Transgenicand Cis-genic). TALEN and CRISPR/Cas6 constructs and transformation ability. Posttranslational modification Omics by mass spectroscopy. Peptides purification byHPLC/UPLC/nanoUPLC and related MS/MS characterization. Peptide aldehydederivatization for enzyme inhibitor/antimicrobial studies. Bioinformatics skillsfor Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) de novo assembly and transcriptomicsanalysis are derived by the last Innovation grant about manipulation oftranscription factors in carrot in order to maximize the expression ofanthocyanins for food colorant usage.

Fungal exoenzymesproduction (e.g. Fusarium spp. and Entomopathogenic fungi): i.e lipases, proteases, carbohydratehydrolytic enzymes, etc. Enzyme immobilization, later flow assay development, immunoprecipitation, enzyme electrochemistry, etc. Enzyme scale up productionfor industrial usage. Enzyme biotechnological applications for green chemistry processes. Microbial or enzymatic fuel cells.

Bibliometric summary


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International scientific congresses

Dionisio, G., & Brinch-Pedersen, H. (2016). Identification and isoforms specificity of barley (Hordeum vulgare) grain proteinaceous inhibitors of commercial feed protease. In Plant Proteases from roles in life and death to understanding regulation and action: Abstract book (pp. 24). Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford.
Kaczmarczyk, A. E., Dionisio, G., Elek, Z., & Vincze, É. (2012). Development of high throughput qRT-PCR system to study genetic variation in the temporal expression of barley storage protein genes. In Plant Biotech Denmark Annual meeting 2012 (pp. 93) http://www.plant-biotech.dk/Annual_meeting/2012.aspx
Uddin, M. N., Dionisio, G., Schjørring, J. K., Holm, P. B., & Vincze, É. (2012). Grain Zn content and protein quality/quantity of barley. In Plant Biotech Denmark Annual meeting 2012 (pp. 67) http://www.plant-biotech.dk/Annual_meeting/2012.aspx
Rosenkilde, A. L., Dionisio, G., Holm, P. B., & Brinch-Pedersen, H. (2012). Heterologous expression, purification and characterization of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) endoprotease B2. In Plant Biotech Denmark Annual meeting 2012 (pp. 54) http://www.plant-biotech.dk/Annual_meeting/2012.aspx
Kaczmarczyk, A. E., Dionisio, G., Renaut, J., Planchon, S., Hansen, M., Elek, Z., & Vincze, É. (2012). Integrated transcriptomics and proteomics analysis of storage protein composition in developing barley grain to improve nutritional profile. In Plant Biotech Denmark Annual meeting 2012 (pp. 66) http://www.plant-biotech.dk/Annual_meeting/2012.aspx
Madsen, C. K., Dionisio, G., Holme, I., Holm, P. B., & Brinch-Pedersen, H. (2012). The genetics of high mature grain phytase activity in Triticeae cereals. In Plant Biotech Denmark Annual meeting 2012 (pp. 96) http://www.plant-biotech.dk/Annual_meeting/2012.aspx
Dionisio, G., & Brinch-Pedersen, H. (2012). Use of recombinant cereal hydrolytic enzymes for liquid feed application: screening, cloning and in vitro expression of triticale, barley, rye, and wheat enzymes for improving phosphorus and nitrogen bioavailability. In Plant Biotech Denmark Annual meeting 2012 (pp. 64) http://www.plant-biotech.dk/Annual_meeting/2012.aspx

Speeches at external meetings, congresses

Dionisio G. (2014) Differential Proteomic Analysis of Zinc-binding Proteins in Barley (Hordeum Vulgare) Grains Grown under Different Zinc Nutrient Regimes. Lecture and oral contribution. Plant Gene Discovery & "Omics" Technologies, Vienna, AUSTRIA.
Dionisio G. (2014) Identification of the zinc binding proteins of barley (Hordeum vulgare) grains grown under three different zinc nutrition regimes: a state of the art label free differential proteomics. Lecture and oral contribution. Plant Biotech Denmark Annual Meeting 2014, University of Copenhagen (KU-LIFE).
Giuseppe Dionisio and Henrik Brinch-Pedersen (2011). Cereal hydrolytic enzymes important for liquid feed application: screening and cloning of triticale enzymes for improving phosphorus and nitrogen bioavailability. 6th European Symposium on Enzymes in Grain Processing, 28-29 Nov. Carlsberg Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

Teaching and supervision

Certificate in Pedagogical Training as Assistant Professor.

Supervision of students: I am/have been official supervisor of the following students:

2011 ClausK. Madsen (Unravelling Major Triticeae Phytases) ; 2012: (Anne Lind Rosenkilde: Barley proteases as feed enzymecandidates); 2013: Abida Sultan(barley xylanase inhibitor enzymes, DTU), 2013Jesper Bjerg Christensen (enzyme activation in liquid feed, Foulum), 2014 Mohammad Nasir Udin (CO2 project);2015 Wongkaew Arunee (Thailand exchangestudent); 2015 Laeeq Fouzia(Pakistan exchange PhD student); 2015ZelalemEshetu Bekalu (Master: Chia PAP phytase); 2016 Raquel Rodriquez (Phd exchange student, UK); 2016 Zelalem Eshetu Bekalu (PhD: fungalinhibitors of plant origin); 2016 Shrikant Sharma (Innovation: Newplan, newbreeding techniques in crops); 2017Jesper Nicolet (Master: Carlsberg/AU).

Editor activities

Topic editor in Frontiers in Plant Biotechnology:
“Biopharming: in plant versus microorganism recombinant bio-pharmaceuticals production” http://journal.frontiersin.org/ResearchTopic/2436
Appointed editor of the Italian version of the book “FIELD BIOLOGY” of Esbern Warncke.

Evaluation of others work

Reviewer of major research grants/reviewer of candidates proposed for academic
positions/reviewer for international evaluations: Reviewer of Molecular Breeding and NSF grants (USA).

International patents

Bekalu, ZE, Dionisio, G, Madsen, CK, Holme, I, Etzerodt, TP, Fomsgaard, IS, Jørgensen, LN & Brinch-Pedersen, H Mar. 28 2019, Nepenthesin‐1 derived resistance to fungal pathogens in major crop plants, Patent No. WO 2019/057845 A1.
Brinch-Pedersen, H, Madsen, CK, Dionisio, G & Holm, PB, High expression cereal phytase gene.
Brinch-Pedersen, H, Madsen, CK, Dionisio, G & Holm, PB, High expression cereal phytase gene.

Danish patent applications

Dionisio G., Henrik Brinch-Pedersen H., Rosenkilde A. L. (2011): P2761PC00 PCT/DK2012/050505 (New proteolytic resistant IMAC tags).
Dionisio G., Henrik Brinch-Pedersen H., Rosenkilde A. L. (2012): PA 2012 70383 (New improved manufacturing process for recombinant plant endoproteases).