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Gitte Hald Kristiansen

Senior Laboratory Technician

Gitte Hald Kristiansen
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Head laboratory assistant


I have been employed at Dept. of Food Science since 1st October 1996 and have mainly been occupied with analyses which can describe oxidative changes in milk and egg products in relation to functionality, flavour and shelf-life.

At present, I work on the EU-project Quality Low Input Food.  I am responsible for collection of milk samples from the four participating countries and that the attached analyses for vitamin E (total vitamin E and stereo-isomers), carotenoids, lipid composition and uric acid are carried out and validated within the given deadlines.

In addition to this I work with / have been working with:

Characterization of flavour components (Solid Phase Micro Extraction / GC/MS)

  • Characterization of flavour components (High vacuum distillation (SAFE) / GC/MS)
  • Determination of vitamin C (HPLC)
  • Determination of riboflavin (Fluorescence spectrometry)
  • Analysis of hexanal together with Total Oxyradical Scavenging Capacity Assay (TOSCA) (Headspace / GC/FID)
  • Determination of TBARS (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (Spectroscopy)
  • Determination of conjugated dienes (Spectroscopy)
  • Determination of fluorescent products (Fluorescence spectrometry)
  • Determination of lipid hydroperoxide  (Spectroscopy)
  • Activity of lactoperoxidase (Spectroscopy - kinetic)
  • Activity of catalase and antioxidants (Oxygen consumption using a Clark electrode)
  • Colour measurement
  • Texture
  • Viscosity
  • Various model experiments for measurement of the pro- and antioxidative effect of iron chelating proteins

Other tasks:

  • Responsible for chromatographic equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Operation of our pasteurizing plant
  • Validation of results (Word, excel ect.)
  • Training of students and guest scientists
  • Contact for laboratory trainees in the unit

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