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Gert Asmund
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Key qualifications 

Gert Asmund has worked with large projects for more than twentyfive years and has acted as advisor to the Danish and Greenland governments. The main qualifications include: Head of an environmental trace element laboratory, Studies and environmental assessment of heavy metal pollution from mining, Mitigation and regulation of pollution from mining, Environmental research and protection in relation to mineral exploration, Baseline studies of heavy metals in the environment, Participant in meetings with local authorities in Greenland, Participant in public hearings in Greenland communities, Since 1991 member of the International Advisory Committee for the "International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Member of the Marine Chemistry Working Group of ICES (Chairman for the trace element group).

 Postgraduate experience Workshop in quality assurance and control, Umeå, Sweden 1998 Project management. Fangel Project management, Denmark 1997 Course in Academic writing in English, Copenhagen 1992 RATEP (Reactive Acid Tailings Program) Prediction of acid production from tailings, Montreal 1991 Hydrogeology, Montreal 1991 Acid Mine Drainage Course, Montreal 1991 Experience with mine closure in Sweden. Tour to closed and operating mines in Sweden, Boliden AB and Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden 1987 Environmental Analyses of Toxic Metals, Columbia, Missouri, USA 1980 Nuclear Technology. RISØ National Laboratory, Denmark 1968

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