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Fredrik Oscar Christiansen

Senior Researcher

Fredrik Oscar Christiansen

Fredrik Christiansen is an ecophysiologist interested in the relationship between animal behaviour, bioenergetics and population dynamics, with an emphasis on cetaceans. He is interested in how behavioural changes, caused by human disturbance can influence the amount of energy that animal acquires and spends, and how this influences their body condition and ultimately survival and reproduction. His research hence spans a number of research areas, including behavioural ecology, physiology, bioenergetics and reproductive biology. His current research focus on the following topics:

  • Developing bioenergetic models for marine mammals
  • Monitoring the nutritional health of marine mammal populations
  • Developing drone photogrammetry methods to measure body condition and behaviour in whales
  • Evaluating the effects of whale watching activities on whale populations
  • Linking climate change to body condition and vital rates in populations
  • Ecological modelling and statistics

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