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Frederik Foldager

PhD Student

Frederik Foldager
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Frederik received his Master’s degree from Aarhus University in the beginning of 2017. Since, he has been employed as a mechanical engineer in the agricultural engineering and research company, AGROINTELLI. During 2017, he was responsible for the completion of an industrial case study of the European research project, INTO-CPS (www.projects.au.dk/into-cps/). This work treated co-simulation of an agricultural field robot dynamics.

Project Title:
Physics-based Modelling and Simulation of Arable Soil-Tool Interaction

Project Description:
AGROINTELLI is a Danish-based international development company with the goal of transforming research into products to the agricultural industry. The company relies on research-based development of products in the fields of Robotics, Machine vision and In-field navigation.

In agricultural engineering and research, tests and field trials are often limited to specific seasons. To accommodate this, modelling and simulation-based approaches are gaining ground in the industry.      

By the means of this project, AGROINTELLI wishes to increase the focus on the sub-surface soil displacements of a tillage process. The scope of this research is methods for modelling and simulating arable soil-tool interaction. Hereby we can test, evaluate and optimise a soil-engaging tool in a virtual setting before entering the field.

Supervisor: Prof. (Docent) Ole Balling

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