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Finn Plauborg

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Finn Plauborg
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Finn Plauborg is an experienced scientist and has since 1995 participated in and been project leader of several joint national and international projects within water, environment, and agriculture. 

2019-2024, WP leader. CLIMCARG is a 12 mill DDK FFU project with research on developing climate change resilient cocoa production in Ghana. 

2017-2021, Project leader. I am leading the North consortium (two Danish Universities) in the DFC/BSUIII project (DKK 13M) collaborating with UG, Accra in Ghana. The project focuses on research capacity development and outreach in the research fields of Climate change, adaptation and mitigation, and Malaria and includes six Ph.D. projects.

2018-2021, Project participant. MapField (total budget DKK 30M) is a new research and innovation project, which will develop cost-efficient high-resolution mapping and modeling tools and concepts, essential for future nitrogen regulation of environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture including six Ph.D. projects.

2017-2020, Project leader. I am currently leading seven policy support projects (Addendum 1-3 for the Danish Ministry MFVM) involving nine senior scientist and twelve Ph.D. projects (total budget of DKK 54M) researching water and nitrogen balances and nitrogen leaching from agricultural fields across Denmark and how to effectively remove excess nitrogen-based on innovative landscape filters.

2014-2019, Work Package (WP) leader. I contributed to the DFC/FFU project “Green Cohesive Agricultural Resource Management” (WEBSOC DKK 10M, http://websoc.net/). It is in cooperation with UG, UCC, and four Danish Universities including six Ph.D. projects.

2014-2017, Project leader. I was leading the North consortium (four Danish Universities) in the DFC/BSUII project collaborating with UG, Accra in Ghana. Total budget 15 million DKK. The project focused on research capacity development with four centers of excellence, Climate change, Malaria, Food Production, and Policy development.

2012-2016, WP leader. I participated in the Figaro, “Flexible and Precision Irrigation Platform to Improve Farm Scale Water Productivity” (www.figaro-irrigation.net/) an EU FP7 project (EUR 6M), coordinated by the company, NetaFim) where I lead WP3 on modeling crop production and water use under current and future climates, including one AU Ph.D. project.

2005-2009, Project leader. I participated in and was coordinator of the RTD project SAFIR, “Safe and High Quality Food Production using Low Quality Waters and Improved Irrigation Systems and Management”, (www.safir4eu.org) under EU FP6, which included studies on water saving drip technologies, water treatment technologies, use of low quality waters in food production (tomatoes and potatoes), risk and safety aspects, DSS developments, and economical feasibility studies. SAFIR with a budget of EUR 7M included 17 partners from all over Europe, China, and Israel.

2003-2006, Project leader. I participated in and was coordinator of the RTD project FertOrgaNic, “Improved organic fertilizer management for high nitrogen and water use efficiency and reduced pollution in crop systems”, (www.fertorganic.org) under EU FP5, which included studies on water and nitrogen efficiencies to drip irrigated potatoes. FertOrgaNic had a budget of EUR 3M and included 11 partners from all over Europe.


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