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Fatemeh Hashemi


Fatemeh Hashemi


Fatemeh Hashemi is an environmental engineer and researcher with PhD in agroecology (climate and water) and multidisciplinary background. Her work integrates river basin data (e.g. hydrological, water chemistry, land management, land use, soil type and field data) and climate change with numerical modelling and targets for development of new methods for quantifying non-point pollution and evaluation of the feasibility of a range of different strategies to regulate nutrients losses to the aquatic ecosystems. During the PhD period she has contributed to the BONUS Soils2Sea project  funded by the BONUS program (www.soils2sea.eu) and the dNmark Research Alliance (http://dnmark.org), supported by the Danish Council for Strategic Research Denmark .


Currently, she analyses how to identify sources, transport pathways and lags of non-point source pollution and thus inform water pollution mitigation measures by analyzing concentration-discharge, scenario analysis and enhancing understanding of biogeochemical and hydrological processes in river basins. The work is within BIOWATER project (https://biowater.info ) which serves as the first Nordic science center and platform that provides solutions for land, environmental and water resources management in the face of potential and competing demands for biomass, land and water resources related to the green shift and concurrent bio-economic development.

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