Erling Bjerregaard Pedersen

Professor Emeritus

Curriculum Vitae

Clinical Qualifications

Medical Degree, University of Aarhus, Denmark 1973


Specialist of Internal Medicine 1982


Specialist of Renal Diseases 1984


Chief Physician since 1987



Scientific Qualifications


Doctorial Thesis, University of Aarhus, Denmark 1979


Lecturer in Internal Medicine, University of Aarhus 1988


Professor in Nephrology, University of Aarhus, Denmark since January 1990


More than 340 original peer reviewed scientific papers in the field of renal disease, arterial hypertension and sodium-, potassium and water balance. In addition, many reviews, proceedings,letters etc.


Guest lecturer, presenter of scientific communications, and chairman at many international congresses


Originator and supervisor for 32 finished doctorial thesis / Ph D programs and 6 ongoing Ph D programs


In the editorial board of scientific journals. Referee for many international journals


Principal Investigator or National Coordinator in many clinical trials





Experience as teacher of medical students, physicians, specialists in internal medicine, and specialists in nephrology. Experience in international teaching and arrangement of international courses. Author of sections in medical textbooks




Experience as research director and head of research laboratories, as clinical director and head of clinical departments, and as director of teaching


Member of, or chairmanship in, committees regarding evaluation of qualifications for professorships at universities in Denmark and abroad


Member of, or chairmanship in, committies regarding evaluation/appointment of leaders in hopsitals in Denmark





August Fogh Jensen og Hustru's Award 1976.


Cai Holten's Award 1982


Dansk Society of Hypertension, Glaxo-award 1985


August Fogh Jensen og Hustru's Award 1986


Danish Society of nephrology, Momsen's Award 1994


Jyllandsposten's Foundation, Award 1997


Ringkjoebing County, Award for Initiative 2003


Holstebro Freemason's 125 years, Award 2005


Dansk Society of Hypertension, Award 2008


Hans Ibsen's Hypertension Award 2013