Erik Meineche Schmidt

Chief Consultant

Curriculum Vitae

Education, Employment and Elected Offices

1972MSc., Aarhus University
1977PhD, Cornell University
1978-2002Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Aarhus University
2002-2010Dean, Faculty of Science, Aarhus University
2011-Chief Advisor, Aarhus University

Research and Teaching fields

Theoretical computer science, in particular algorithms and complexity theory

Membership of governing bodies, councils, committees etc.

1994-2002Associated director of the Danish National Research Foundation's centre for Basic Research in Computer Science (BRICS)
1984-2002Chairman of The Faculty of Science's PhD Committee, University of Aarhus
1986-1996Member of The Faculty Council and the Executive Committee, Faculty of Science, University of Aarhus
1999-2002 Chairman of the board of the Centre for Sport, University of Aarhus
2000-2002 Chairman of the board of the Centre for Bio-Informatics, University of Aarhus
1993-1997Chairman of the Danish National Science Education Committee
1995-1997 Chairman of The Danish National Education Council's Chairmen's College
1993-1997Member of the board of The Danish Evaluation Centre
1993-1998Member of the board of The Danish Research Academy
1995-1997Member of the board of the Centre for Technology Supported Education
1997-2003Member of the Council of the Danish Academy of Technical Science
2004Member of the Danish Government's Commission on Grading Scales
2005-Chairman of the Danish Science and Engineering Deans Conference
2002-Member of the IT-council in Aarhus
2007- Vice-chairman of the council for Energy and Environment of the Central Denmark region
2002- Vice-chairman of the board of the Alexandra Institute A/S 
2006- Member of the board of "Naturvidenskabernes Hus" 
2006- Chairman of the board of Marselisborg Gymnasium, Aarhus