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Erik Lægsgaard

Professor Emeritus

Curriculum Vitae

Erik Lægsgaard

Associate Professor (Danish lektor) emeritus.

Civil status

Born 17-3-1941 in Vissenbjerg, Denmark

Married to Lise Lægsgaard. One son (Jesper 23-5-1970)


Professional employment

Novenber 1965 – August 1995: Electrical Engineer at Department of Physics Univ. of Aarhus.

November 1995 – now: Associate professor at Department of Physics Univ. of Aarhus.

May 2011 - : Assoiate professor emeritus at Department of Physics, Univ. of Aarhus


1970 Aarhus Universitets Guldmedalje (1000 kr. + Gold Medal) Solid state detectors.

1972 Dansk Ingeniørforenings Elektropris (5000 kr.) Solid state detectors.

1979 Ole Rømer Fonden (1000 kr.) Inner-shell ionization.

1995 NKT’s Forskerpris with Flemming Besenbacher and Ivan Stensgaard (1/3 of 100.000 kr.) STM development.


Research competences

Electronics: In depth knowledge of  instrumentation for research, specifically STM microscopes.

Computation: Programming, interfacing, data collection and graphical presentation.


Research areas.

Development of instrumentation for surface investigations.



Author or coauthor of more than 230 publications