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Erik Jeppesen


Curriculum Vitae


Cand.scient in Biology (MSc), University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1978; Dr.Scient. in Biology (DSc), University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1998

Professional career:

April 2002 - Research professor in shallow lake ecology in a joint position at NERI and Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University (AU), now Department of Bioscience and the Arctic Research Centre at AU. October 2015 - Full professor, same place. April 2005-2009 - Adjunct professor at the Hubei Key Laboratory of Wetland Evolution & Ecological Restoration, Wuhan Botanical Garden Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China; October 2009 - Guest professor at NIGLAS, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing, China; January 2010 -2012 - Associated with the Greenland Climate Research Centre, Nuuk. Also associated with the Arctic Research Centre at AU. November 2017 - Honoray Doctorate at Estonian University of Life Sciences. October 2018 - Academic committee member of National Base of International S&T Collaboration on Water Environmental Monitoring and Simulation in Three Gordes Reservoir Region (WEMST), Soutwest University, China 2018-2023.


Major research interests
Aquatic ecology with special emphasis on the biological structure and interac¬tions with the nutrient dynamics and climate in lakes and streams. Lake restoration, lake re-establishment, palaeoecology and ecosystem modelling are other major research fields.

Recent project leadership
Managed the Nordic project Cross-system analysis of the variation in biological structure and dynamics of North Atlantic lakes related to variations and changes in climate and land use, 2000-2005. Management board of the Danish 24 mill DKK STF project Consequences of weather and climate changes for marine and freshwater ecosystems, 2001-2006 In the executive committee and WP leader of the 120 mill DKK EU FP6 project EUROLIMPACS (2004-2009) on the effects of climate changes on freshwaters. WP leader of the 50 mill DKK EU FP7 project WISER (2009-20011) and of the European climate change effect project REFRESH (50 mill DKK, 20010-2013), MARS (50 mill DKK, 2014-2017) and AQUACOSM (75 mill DKK, 2017-2021). Partner in SALGA (South American Lake Gradient Analyses), a comprehensive comparative study of biological interactions and biodiversity in shallow lakes from northern Brazil to the Tierra del Fuego. Leader of an intensive comparative study of lakes and streams in Uruguay and Denmark supported by FNU (Major Grant), the Danish Climate Centre project CRES (29 mill DKK, 2009-2013 and the Greenland Climate Research Centre (6 mill DKK, 2009-2014). Partner in the NOW project sponsored by Villum/Velux and Carlsberg foundations (19 mill DKK, 2014-2016). Four recent research projects sponsored by the Carlsberg Foundation (studies in Greenland and Iceland, funding for a mobile IR gas analyser, and studies of saline lakes in Kazakhstan, the latter from 2019-2021, in total 1.5 mill DKK). WP leader of the project PROGNOS (Predicting in-lake RespOnses to chanGe using Near real time MOdelS- Water joint programme initiative, 15 mill DKK, 2016-2019). Reached the 2nd stage with an ERC-advanced grant application in 2012.

Scientific papers and their impact

>500 international peer-reviewed papers. Published 18 international peer-reviewed book chapters, two monographs and >150 reports and papers in Danish. Co-author of chapters in the key climate assessments: IPCC 2007 and the ACIA (Arctic Climate Impact Assessment) 2005. Hirsch index 79 (WOS, >22500 citations) and 100 (Google, >45500 citations). Elected as “Highly Cited Researcher 2018” by Clairvate Analytics.

Member of the IPCC2007 panel that received the Nobel Peace Award 2007. Received the prestigious Naumann-Thienemann medal from SIL (International Society of Limnology) in 2010 for outstanding research in limnology. Elected as Honary Doctorate at Estonian University of Life Sciences in 2017.


Teaching post graduate courses in limnology and system analyses. Heading numerous PhD and master courses at Aarhus University and universities Sweden, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and China in recent years. Supervisor or co-supervisor of >70 MSc theses and 28 PhD theses, including 13 from abroad. At present supervisor for 6 Post Docs from abroad, 8 PhD students (4 from abroad) and 7 MSc students (4 from abroad). Supervised 7 EU Marie Curie grantsholders since 2005.


Reviewer for >40 journals; US NSF; German DFG; Swedish Research Council (board member of Formas for two years); Research Councils, UK, Czech Republic and Portugal. In the editorial board of Ecosystems since 1997, the advisory board of Aquatic Health and Management since 2001, the advisory board of Journal Hydrobiologia since 2007, the editorial board of Freshwater Biology since 2008 and the editorial board of The Journal of Lake Sciences since 2009, of Inland Waters since 2010, of Journal of Egirdir Fisheries Faculty, Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey since 2017 and of LIMNOFISH, Turkey since 2018.

Invited speeches at international meetings and conferences - 2017/18


Two Kaeser Scholar invited speeches on climate change effects on freshwater and saline lakes, respectively, at University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, 26-27Jan., 2018

Speech on lake restoration in a climate change perspective at Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China 6 August, 2018

Introduction speech at Lake Restoration Symposium at the international SIL conference, Nanjing, China 20 August, 2018

Two invited speeches on climate change effects on freshwaters and climate study approaches, respectively, at Guangzhou University, China 7 and 11 Sep., 2018

Speech on saline lakes and climate change at Nazarbayev University, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, 16 Sep., 2018.

Plenary speech on variation in lake responses to local and global stressors at the “BigLakes - Small World“ ELLS-IAGLR-conference, Evian, France, 23-28 Sep., 2018

Plenary speech on cyanobacteria and climate change at the 18th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Nantes, France, 21-26 Oct., 2018

Speech on biological response of lakes to reduced loading at University of Constance, Germany, 29 Oct., 2018

Plenary speech on cross-lake comparisons in a climate change perspective at the NSERC Canadian Lake Pulse Network symposium, Montreal, Canada, 26-27 Nov., 2018


Plenary speech about the legacy of Brian Moss at the 8th Shallow Lakes Conference in Merida, Mexico 19-24 Feb., 2017

Speech on climate effects on freshwater ecosystems at EAWAG, Switzerland, 23 March, 2017

Plenary speech at the French Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture Symposium on Eutrophication, Paris, France 18-20 April, 2017

Speech at a symposium celebrating the Late Prof Brian Moss, Liverpool, UK, 22 April, 2017

Speech on lake response to reduced loading at the Resilience in Socioecological Systems symposium, Nanjing, China 9-11 July 2017

Plenary speech on climate effect on freshwater ecosystems – Brazilian Limnological Conference, Rio, Brazil 24-30 July, 2017

Plenary speech at the 13th International conference on salt lake research, Ulan-Ude, Russia, 21-25 August, 2017

Plenary speech on fish as indicators of lake ecosystems state at the LIMNOFISH symposium, Egidir, Turkey, 5-6 Oct., 2017

Honorary Doctory speech on warming of lakes and collaboration. Tartu, Estonia, 7 Nov.2017

Furthermore >95 invited speeches until 2017 and >420 contributed oral or poster presentations at international conferences.