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Enoch Narh Kudjordjie

Assistant Professor

Enoch Narh Kudjordjie


Project title: Clever plant roots design their associated microbiome to prevent disease. What are the mechanisms behind?

Project description: 
The plant root actively shapes its rhizosphere microbiome for its own benefit to prevent root disease, mainly by exuding specific compounds into the rhizosphere. Root exudates influence the rhizosphere microbiota and vice versa. A better description and understanding of the plant microbiome will facilitate our quest to develop new technologies, especially those that will focus on a better exploration of the features triggered by soil microbes in agricultural systems. More precisely, it might be possible to alter the microbial community structure, for instance, by inoculation of specific exog­enous organisms or by controlling environmental condi­tions so as to benefit specific sets of these microbiomes, leading to an increase in plant resistance or harnessing of efficiency in the uptake of specific nutrients. The development of so-called “microbiome-driven cropping systems” is likely to result in the next revolution in agriculture, resulting in a more sustainable system for plant production.

The objective of this project is to elucidate how plants shape their own microbiome to fight root diseases. With the use of a model system based on Arabidopsis thaliana roots, native soils, and a complex of pathogens(Pythium), the project will provide fundamental knowledge on the complex root – microbiome interactions, and generalize the data obtained into an ecological model that can be used for future design of optimized plant associated microbiomes.  

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