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Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen

Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita, Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information


BA, English, University of Aarhus


Master of Theology, University of Aarhus


Pastoral Seminary


PhD, University of Aarhus


Qualified Associate Professor (tenure)


Member of The Danish Ecumenical Council's Study Committee. 1995 onwards


Qualified Full Professor


Employment History


Associate Professor (Lektor), Theology, Department for Culture and Society, Arts, University of Aarhus

1996 -2012 Associate Professor (Lektor), Department of Systematic Theology, University of Aarhus)
1995Associate Professor (Lektorvikar), Department of Systematic Theology, University of Aarhus)
1992  -  1995

Research fellow (seniorstipendiat), The Danish Research Council for the Humanities

1988  -  1991

Research scholar (Forskningsstipendiat), Faculty of Theology,University of Aarhus


Research scholar, The Danish Research Academy (Forskningsakademiet


Gæstelektor ved Institut for Systematisk Teologi, Københavns Universitet (Visiting professor at the Department of Systematic Theology, University of Copenhagen)


Administrative Positions

1995  -  1999

Chairperson for The Danish Ecumenical Council's ecclesiology group

2002 - 2007

Chair of the Aarhus University's Equal Opportunities Committee)


International Offices

1997  -  2001

Member of The Lutheran World Federation's core group on ecclesiology)

2001  -  2003

Vicepresident for ESWTR, European Society of Women in Theological Research

2002 -

2015 -

Editorial Council for Dialog. A Journal of Theology

Member of Steering Committee of the Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions program unit of the AAR


Other Activities

1997  -  1998

Columnist at the newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende


Consultant for Norway's Research Council: Culture and Society